Initialize a config file

The command dctap read works out of the box, with no options, but its behavior can be customized with an optional configuration file (see Configuration).

Per-directory config files

The subcommand dctap init writes a starter configuration file, dctap.yaml, in the working directory. Thereafter, whenever dctap read is run, the program will look in the working directory for dctap.yaml or, if it is not found, will use built-in defaults.

cd /home/tombaker/myproject/data/
dctap init                   # Write default dctap.yaml
dctap read x.csv             # Looks for dctap.yaml or reads defaults.

Global config files

Once generated, config files may be moved to arbitrary locations or even renamed. As described in the section View a TAP as TXT, JSON, or YAML, config files at arbitrary locations may be referenced by their absolute or relative pathnames with the option –config [path-to-configfile]. In this way, one central config file can be referenced from anywhere on the file system or multiple config files can be created with alternative settings.